FFH Sondors Cable Guard: $26.00

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Designed to protect power cable and axle shaft.
Rugged steel construction can handle whatever you throw at it.
Includes cable guard and three 75lb cable ties.

Youtube installation instructions
Frame Type

Cable Guard Installation

You will need an 18mm wrench for the axle nut and cutters for the cable ties. Here are the steps.

1. Carefully wiggle the power cable connector to disconnect it.
2. Remove power cable from wire loom under frame.
3. Remove axle nut cover.
4. Using box end of 18mm wrench, remove axle nut and washer. (discard washer as guard will take it's place)
5. Slide cable guard and axle nut over power cable and install on axle with power cable routed under guard.
6. Tighten axle nut with box end of 18mm wrench.
7. Reinstall axle nut cover.
8. Reconnect power cable making sure to line up black arrows on either side of the connector.
9. Install cable tie to hold guard to frame.
10. (Optional) Install extra cable ties to keep power cable close to frame.
11. Get on your bike and ride!